Computer Simulation is nothing but the  computer programs and they might be either small and it will run instantly on small devices, or large programs that run for hours or days on network-based groups of computers.
Simulations can consist of focused physical Simulations to complex interconnected systems. Simulations can be used to produce numbers. Some Simulations can produce theories of human behaviors. Other simulations test security while others investigate industrial control.
The Web3D / WebGL / HTML5 topic area is designed to extract from the research community, state of the art techniques for visualizing distributed simulations. Computer Simulations are used in various practical contexts, such as.,Weather forecasting, Simulation of electrical circuits, Imulation of other computers is emulation, Design of complex systems such as aircraft and also logistics systems, Robot simulators for the design of robots and robot control algorithms, Modeling car crashes to test safety mechanisms in new vehicle models, and Design of industrial processes, such as chemical processing plants.
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